Scarlet Events

Scarlet holds a series of personal development and personal/ business coaching events throughout the year. These are mainly held at weekends or in the early mornings or evenings in the centre of Brighton to avoid disrupting your work week.

All these events can be booked by either individuals or groups.

The Scarlet Events differ from the Scarlet Coaching and Consultancy in that they are group sessions, attended by a wide range of people (from business people seeking an introduction to Scarlet’s Coaching and Consultancy through to anyone interested in improving their future success) and not tailored to the individual or leadership team’s requirements.

The ‘Introduction to Your Future' full day Saturday business coaching and personal development event is one of the most popular introductory events for people new to coaching and/or Scarlet in Brighton and the South East. Topics covered include:

  • The theory of vision and goal setting
  • Introduction to basic successful outcome tool kit
  • Future vision of success group session and assistance with individual tailoring of your vision of success
  • Basic delivery tool kit


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‘Creating your Successful Outcome' focuses on providing attendees with an advanced personal development tool kit to create their most successful outcomes imaginable. This weekend event in Brighton takes you through:

  • Personal mission, values and brand-setting
  • The 101 Goals process
  • Setting of 1, 3, 5, and 10yr goals
  • Advanced Vision and Goal-setting tools


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‘Delivering your Change', provides a range of techniques and behaviours to reinforce and accelerate achievement of your vision of success. This one-day Brighton-based event provides a professional-level set of tools for ensuring the delivery of an enduring set of changes:

  • From habit to hardcore routine
  • Detailed delivery steps breakdown
  • Self and aided monitoring systems


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‘Enjoy the Journey' is a weekend retreat held in Brighton which provides high achievers with the ability to love the here and now at the same time as giving everything to the creation of their most successful outcome. This retreat combines business coaching and consultancy with personal development techniques.


Event dates in Brighton

As part of the change management, or skills development required to achieve your vision of success, Scarlet Training is a set of mix and match training modules for directors and senior managers in Brighton, Sussex, the South East and the rest of the UK.

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What people say

“I signed up to ‘Introduction to Your Future’ after being blown away by ‘MyNeuroCoach Sessions’. Both sessions gave me such a return on my investment that I’ve now signed-up for ‘Creating Your Successful Outcome’ to see what value I can get by really focussing on leading myself”

Alexa Davis, Senior Manager, Sainsbury’s

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What people say

“I’ve just booked ‘Enjoy the Journey’ out of excited fascination about whether I can get even happier than I am now. After attending [‘Creating Your Successful Outcome’] and [‘Delivering Your Change’] events on consecutive weekends I went on to start and grow a full-time business out of what was previously a hobby.”

Bobby Butcher, MD, Griffiths Guitars

(the events that Bobby attended were previously held around 3yrs ago under different titles)